Explore  Our House Warming Ceremony Services:

Warm your home with peace as we arrange all in all with ease...

So you won a House and wanna host a housewarming ceremony to your guests? Well, Punith Events Management & Wedding Planner will take all the stuff like decking up your dream home, foods that match to the occasion, preserving that wonderful moment of you elegantly styled home through our phenomenal photography, and some entertainment to energize the occasions.


as join hands with you in your celebrations you can be proud of it. On the occasions, you can just be at leisure as we cater to the needs of the events. Punith Events Management& wedding Planner make it a sweet home and lovely home on the occasions.


  • Delicious Food
  • Shamiyana or Tents
  • Decoration
  • House Lightning
  • Photography & Video
  • Chapra
  • Volga
  • Guest Welcome


Ingredients from all over the world to make your weddings feast a finger licking one

Stage Set & Decor

Giving every wedding an interesting. Exotic & Attractive background.

Video+ Photography

We tell your unique story through an exquisite collection of breathtakingly beautiful moving and still images...

Sensational Music

We Stike the Right chord with you and your better half and we make your guest to step-in.

Guest Pickups & Drop

We make your guests happy through our unique and grand guests pickups and Drop

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